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Pinned topic WebSphere Application Server V8 Beta Information Center update

‏2011-04-11T17:55:29Z |

WebSphere Application Server V8 Beta Information Center update

Our team wants to encourage you to actively use the information center as your key source of information about the beta product. We have
recently taken steps to enhance the performance of the information center.

As a reminder, you can take advantage of the collaborative nature of the information center and provide comments on specific pages,
content within a specific page, and rate pages. Take advantage of the tips below to get the most out using the information center.

Capabilities and content of the information center

Reaching the information

WebSphere Application Server Beta information centers

Contains collaborative information centers for WebSphere Application Server early programs

What is new in this release

Contains links to what is new in the Beta for installers, administrators, developers, security specialists, and troubleshooters

What has changed in this release

Contains links to information about changes to the default behavior for the application server

Release notes

Contains links to last-minute updates, limitations, and known problems for the Version 8 Beta

Using the information center

Locating tips on how to use the information center

Navigating the information center

Searching the information center

Searching topics and subtopics in the information center

Printing pages and sections of the information center

Locating reference material in the information center

Locating the definitions of WebSphere terms

Collaborating in the information center

The collaborative information center for the WebSphere Application Server Version 8.0 Beta program has been described as “Where documentation meets user forum.”

What can you do using the collaborative features of the information center?

-- View comments

-- Sign in, and make public comments

-- Rate, watch, and subscribe to pages

-- Print several pages at one time

What can you expect from the collaborative features of the information center?

Comments are not anonymous

-- Sign in with an ID, which requires an e-mail address

-- ID is displayed next to each comment

-- can revoke privileges

Contributor terms and conditions

-- First time you sign-in, must accept terms and conditions

-- Can view agreement again later

Viewer terms and conditions

-- Use contributed content at own risk (comments, page ratings)

-- Contributed content is not part of warranted documentation

Expect interaction akin to a user forum

-- Designed to encourage users to help other users

-- Moderator does not always weigh in

-- Not a support channel

-- Document corrections will be applied
If you have any comments or feedback, please
Frances Overby
WebSphere Application Server Information Development