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Pinned topic ServeRAID 4H not recognized on pSeries 620 Modell 7025-6F1

‏2011-04-07T10:05:36Z |
I'm trying to replace a 37L6889, which I thought was defective, but the controller is still not recognized by the machine.
The bios on both is 4.84.01 and AIX is 5.2.
I have two 6F1, both do not recognize the 4h.
On a PC I can see the ServeRAID and go in to the mini-configuration Program.
When I boot with the ServeRAID Support CD (6.11 and 7.12.14) I get an error when trying to create a logical volume.
"Error creating logical drive:controller 1, logical drive 1. Result codes: RC:-5 GSB:0xc ESB:0x6d
I think this is related to the Harddisks I used for Testing, I dont't want to risk breaking the existing Raid.

I've read many Documents but couldnt't find anything related to my problem.
Does anybody know what I'm missing?