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Pinned topic Refresh panel grid 2 on ajax subission on panel grid1

‏2011-04-07T05:33:09Z |
Hi below jsf block has 2 panel grids. Need to refresh the grid2 on ajax request on grid1. Here the process action in faces portlet is being called twice, Can this be implemented with single processAction() method call with out changing the jsf code structure?

+ <h:panelGrid id="grid1">+
+ <hx:commandButton action="#{pc_testPortletView.testActionMethod}>+
+ <hx:behavior behaviorAction="get;get;show;stop;" targetAction="grid1;grid2;panelDialog1"+
+ </hx:commandButton>+
+ </h:panelGrid>+
+ <hx:ajaxRefreshSubmit onstart="alert('start ajax1');" target="grid1" oncomplete="alert('completed ajax1');">+
+ </hx:ajaxRefreshSubmit>+
+ +
+ <h:panelGrid id="grid2">+
+ <hx:panelDialog id="panelDialog1">+
+ +
+ </hx:panelDialog>+
+ +
+ </h:panelGrid>+
+ <h:ajaxRefreshRequest target="grid2"/>+