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As I'm aware, FTE consumes the files from folders, however the underline technology is Websphere MQ. If there is an interface for queues in FTE we'll be able to transfer the files sequentially.
Is it possible to send files sequentially using FTE?

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    Re: FTE - File Sequencing

    Within a single Transfer request (a single transfer request that transfers multiple files) FTE will transfer the files in the order that they appear in the command message. If you construct your own command message which has 3 transfer items, they will be transferred in the order they appear in the message

    If you transfer using a wildcard (e.g. c:\source\*) then you don't have any control over what order the files will be transferred in, they will probably be done in whatever order the operating system returns as an expansion of *.

    All of this is completely unrelated to FTE using MQ as a transport layer.

    PS - FTE does have a way of reading messages and groups of messages from a queue, moving them and converting them into files -