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Pinned topic Sql Jdbc fails to connect in eclipse

‏2011-04-05T16:23:09Z |
I have created a sql datasource on my WAS 7.0 server and tested ok. When i try create a SQL data services model in the designer i can select the jdbc data source but then get error
Category: bowstreet.system.server.logging.event.criterion.abnormal
Priority: ERROR
Thread: WebSphere Portlet Factory (event logging)
Msg: Component: DESIGNER
Error: 3 : Coordinator error.
The SQL builder encountered an error. Verify the DataSource name, SQL statement syntax, and the connectivity between application server and database. See WEB-INF/logs/event.log on the application server for additional detail.

I investigated the logs fort the application on the server and they are empty. However if i look at the SQL server that i am trying to connect to i get the message
Login failed for user ”. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

Can anyone shed some light on why the was server can connect but the designer cannot? Does the designer use the same authentication as the application server uses (which is the sa sql account)
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    Re: Sql Jdbc fails to connect in eclipse

    I stumbled across the solution to this on using sql builder. when you fetch entity names it fails. however i reconfigured my jdbc data sorce to use another sql account other than sa and was able to fetch entity. Not sure why the sa username is not liked as it has access to all dbs but alas i found a solution.