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‏2011-04-05T13:26:27Z |
Welcome to the Feature Focus Week for the Java Batch.

Reuse existing skills to quickly and cost effectively develop, deploy and manage batch applications in Java.

Key capabilities of the Java batch feature in the recent WebSphere Application Server v8 Beta refresh include:
  • Pre-integrated application framework, Java batch programming model and tools to improve developer productivity during the batch application life cycle
  • Container managed services for checkpoint and restart capabilities of batch workloads to minimize manual intervention and total cost of ownership
  • Integrated administration of OLTP applications and batch jobs and integration with the WebSphere Administrative Console to reuse administrator skills and lower costs
  • Reduced infrastructure costs through concurrent execution of batch and online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads using shared business logic on a shared WAS infrastructure
  • Higher throughput and lower resource consumption for Java batch processing on IBM z/OS when collocated with data subsystems

Join us for our Feature Focus Week Reflections teleconference scheduled for Thursday April 7th 2011. To receive invitations to our CEP sessions, simply email cep<at>us<dot>ibm<dot>com requesting to join. By return, you will receive a confirmation with a few questions about you and your interests. After that, you will start to receive regular invitations to our live demos.

Sajan Sankaran