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Pinned topic template dirty of previous data

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I have a table defined with the repeat structure and I would like to add a new rows.

To do this I need to show to the user some new fields that he has to fill, I have done the followuing steps:
1) I have created an instance for the template "empty" that I would like to add to the XML file
2) I have created a table based on the elements on the XML file
3) when user click on Add new row I show to the user some fields to fill (these fields are linked to the template in order to keep the informations inserted by the user)
4) when the user has filled all the fields and he clicks on OK button I insert the structure on the XML file and I copy the value from the template to the new structure inserted.
the problem is that if the user tries to add a new field I have the template dirty of the previous data so I'll show to the user the form with the last inserted element but I wouldn't to have this behaviour
do you have any idea???

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    Re: template dirty of previous data


    What about, on step 3, when users click on "Add new row", clearing the content of the elements in the template, before showing the fields bound to that template in the UI?

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