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Pinned topic Loading WSDLs to WSRR via CLI?

‏2011-04-05T01:09:23Z |
In my attempts to deploy WSDLs via, I've been getting errors along the lines of "could not locate dependencies" (WSDLs and XSDs). Assume I have deployed its dependencies prior. I was under the impression that dependencies that already exist on WSRR would get resolved.
I then went on to create a GenericObject to group the WSDLs/XSDs together and deploy that, but again, it does not check for existing dependencies. It creates duplicates of ones already on WSRR.
My code is as follows.


import FileInputStream from 

import WSRRConnectionFactory from 

import WSDLDocument from 

import XSDDocument from 

import GenericObject from 

import UserDefinedRelationship from 

import TypeConstants from 

import SRXMLHelper   connectionFactory = WSRRConnectionFactory(configFile, alias) mbeanConn = connectionFactory.getSessionConnection(user,password) mttStubDoc = SRXMLHelper.INSTANCE.load(FileInputStream(
"WebServiceWSDL.wsdl"),TypeConstants.TYPE_WSDLDOCUMENT); mttStubDoc.setLocation(
"WebServiceWSDL.wsdl") mttStubDoc.setName(
"WebServiceWSDL.wsdl") mttStubDoc.setVersion(
"1") mttDoc = SRXMLHelper.INSTANCE.load(FileInputStream(
"dependantWSDL.wsdl"),TypeConstants.TYPE_WSDLDOCUMENT); mttDoc.setLocation(dependantWSDL.wsdl
") mttDoc.setName(
"dependantWSDL.wsdl") mttDoc.setVersion(
"1") mttXSD = SRXMLHelper.INSTANCE.load(FileInputStream(
"dependantXSD.xsd"),TypeConstants.TYPE_XSDDOCUMENT); mttXSD.setLocation(
"dependantXSD.xsd") mttXSD.setName(
"dependantXSD.xsd") mttXSD.setVersion(
"1")   go = DataFactory.INSTANCE.create(TypeConstants.SR_URI,TypeConstants.TYPE_GENERICOBJECT) go.setName(
"GenericObject") go.setVersion(
"1")   from 

import BSRSDOHelper  ## If 

this imported at start, SRXMLHelper doesn
't work!   boList = [] boList.append(mttDoc) boList.append(mttXSD) boList.append(mttStubDoc) BSRSDOHelper.INSTANCE.addRelationship(go,
"mttstub",boList) bsrURI = mbeanConn.create(go)

This is the only way I've been able to deploy via CLI. It's not ideal because it creates a Concept.

Does this sound like the expected behaviour of WSRR? Thanks in advance.
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  • John_Colgrave
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    Re: Loading WSDLs to WSRR via CLI?

    The only time that dependencies are automatically resolved by documents already in WSRR is when there is only one matching document and that document does not have a version number. In any other situation when you want to resolve a dependency with a document that is already in WSRR you have to create a GenericObject that relates the new document being created with the appropriate existing documents. The GenericObject can be deleted once the documents have been published.
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    Re: Loading WSDLs to WSRR via CLI?

    Will create test, but apparent defect with API, posting new topic in relation to this