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Pinned topic Feature Focus Week: Extensibility and administrative flexibility for OSGi

‏2011-03-31T20:59:34Z |
Welcome to the Feature Focus Week for the additional OSGi Applications capability we have added in the WebSphere Application Server V8.0 March, 2011 Beta Refresh.

As a reminder, the OSGi applications programming model helps you develop and deploy modular applications that use both Java EE and OSGi technologies. You can design and build applications and suites of applications from coherent, multiversion, reusable OSGi bundles. Taking advantage of OSGi reduces complexity and provides control and flexibility to maintain and evolve your applications.

The following enhancements are available in this beta refresh:

  • Extend and scale running OSGi applications, as business needs change, without changing the underlying application.
  • Update a running OSGi application, only impacting those bundles affected by the update.
  • Track the number of OSGi application invocations and their response times using the Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI).

Join us for our Feature Focus Week Reflections teleconference scheduled for Thursday April 7th 2011. To receive invitations to our CEP sessions, simply email cep<at>us<dot>ibm<dot>com requesting to join. By return, you will receive a confirmation with a few questions about you and your interests. After that, you will start to receive regular invitations to our live demos.

Jeremy Hughes
WebSphere OSGi Applications