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Pinned topic Multiple service IPs in same RG

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We have 2 service IPs for a particular RG defined on 2 separate physical adapters. Each service IP is important in its own right (i.e. it is not for redundancy / load balancing).

What I would like to confirm is whether HA will wait for both to fail before swapping the RG to the standby node, or will it consider a single service IP failure as fatal before it swaps this particular RG (we desire the latter)?

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    Re: Multiple service IPs in same RG

    Are the IPs on different defined networks?

    If so, and the result is that network on that particular node is declared failed then I'm fairly certain that any RG containing that IP will be moved, even if only one of multiple IPs that are defined in the RG fail.

    I have a similar configuration - with multiple IPs in the RG, on different networks, however I think I've worked around the issue by creating another RG and adding it as a child dependency to the main RG. This should prevent a failure of the child IP from causing the parent to move also. The down side is you have to decide that one IP is more important than the other. I've not had a chance to test it thoroughly yet however.

    Perhaps someone has a better option?