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I want to know how can i make Website Templates so that i can earn money by selling these Web Templates.I know many people who are using these kind of templates and then selling it.I also want to learn the art of making web templates.Please let me know the tools of making these easily.Any help will be appreciated
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    Re: I want to make website templates

    The web site template world has evolved quite a bit. Once, you could put together a static HTML template and people would go for that, because HTML is was pretty mysterious. Nowadays, people can edit web sites in their world processors (albeit, not very well).

    Right now, the demand appears to be for templates in content managers such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. These designs are a little more complex and require some real knowledge of the content management system in order to do them well. Since there are literally thousands of free templates available, I think you're going to find it challenging to sell templates simply based on basic design. There's a market there, but I don't know if it would be big enough for you.

    The templates that people seem willing to buy (or rather unwilling to give away) are the ones that have some sort of functionality built into them. Snazzy templates with Flash modules or push-button customizations for the user are becoming available. These push the envelope of what the content managers can provide and are not easy for someone to adapt from existing templates.

    You'll need to have some PHP knowledge, but mostly the right way to code the tags so that the right modules show up in the right spots. You'll also need to understand the design requirements for the content managers that you support. (They are all a little different and you can't use templates across them-- though if you figured out a way to do that, you'd have done something VERY interesting.) Here is documentation for templates for the three that I mentioned:
    Joomla - Introduction to Joomla! templates
    Wordpress - Themes » Editing Templates and Themes and WordPress Handbook Project
    drupal - Theming Guide

    Those should get you started.

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    Open Source managing editor, developerWorks
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    Re: I want to make website templates

    dont you worry if you want to make web templets, you just have to install Adobe fotoshope cs version and you can easily make web templets, basic tutorials are available on you tube, its very easy to use. Just paractous make the man profassional. . . :))
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    Re: I want to make website templates

    There is many types of templates available on wordpress and you should able to download it's good option to download and save your time.


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    Re: I want to make website templates

    To simply start with static website templates you can use an image editing software and an html editor. In image editor Adobe Photoshop is quite famous or you can use Ulead Photo Impact. It will give the shape of your design and then slice the template and write css and html code in html editor such as DreamWeaver. If you are good in javascript you can give your website a professional touch.

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