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Pinned topic Best way to use dreamweaver for web designing

‏2011-03-31T03:29:00Z |
I am using dreamweaver for web designing purpose.I think that i am using it in a good way but could you tell me if someone know the best way to use this.
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    Re: Best way to use dreamweaver for web designing

    Since Dreamweaver is a proprietary approach to web design I'm not a fan. I think that anything that you do with Dreamweaver can be accomplished just as well with knowledge of CSS and some basic database technique. I've run into several groups that get started with Dreamweaver, and there always comes a point where the Dreamweaver advocate drops off and they are stuck with a site that requires specialized knowledge and expensive software to run.

    On the other hand, there are many open tools that are freely available [1] which will help you design effective web sites. This sort of design knowledge will let you work with a variety of environments rather than having to first sell your customer that they need Dreamweaver.

    There is a ton of information about various open web development techniques right here on developerWorks, especially in the Web Development technology section.

    Chris Walden
    Open Source managing editor, developerWorks

    1 - Alternatives to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on
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    Re: Best way to use dreamweaver for web designing

    If you start designing with the creation of site in dreamweaver then it is the best way to start. How I start is
    1: Go to Site Menu
    2: New Site > Then I add the new site name and create a local root site folder.

    This helps me in arranging / managing the website effectively.

    Whats your method to start with designing in DW?

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    Re: Best way to use dreamweaver for web designing


    I also feel that Dreamweaver is bit outdated.