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Pinned topic WebSphere 6.0 and Microsoft Active Directory (AD DS) 2008 R2 DFL / FFL.

‏2011-03-30T15:25:38Z |

Does anyone out there know if any issues are expected with WebSphere 6.0 when we raise our Domain Functional Level (DFL) & Forest Functional Level (FFL) to 2008 R2?

We're on our way to upgrading to WAS7 soon, but the change to our DFL/FFL is going to happen before the WAS7 migration, so I'm looking to see if I should expect anything with LDAP communication (WAS using for Authentication/Authorization with LDAP directory) when the functional level is upgraded?

This probably requires someone who knows exactly how WAS 6.0 uses AD schema (attribute lookups, etc.)