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Pinned topic ODR: Custom Error Page Policy - "Local error page handling"

‏2011-03-30T02:51:29Z |

I noticed that ODR custom Error Page Policy panel on admin console has new property "Local error page handling".(I found this on WVE

Promptly, I've verified this function...This is very useful!

And...I got some questions.

1. I can not find the description about this function in InfoCenter. Where can I get the information about this function?
2. I put the file in directory:<profile_root>/staticContent and specify file path as relative to this directory. Is this setting correct? (I think this is correct because It functioned correctly.)
3. In my test result, error code that is not defined in HTTP spec (ex, 510) does not return content. (I generated error code by setting routing policy reject rule.) Are there some restriction about this?

Thanks in advance!