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Pinned topic datasource publishing problem

‏2011-03-27T15:13:20Z |
Dears, I am facing a problem with my new created datasource, I added these fragments to my geronimo-web.xml



but when I do any changes to my model, then I try to publish my project (right-click on project -> Publish Application...)

I found these fragments removed from my file.

so the only way to publish my project is by exporting a war file to my project, then deploying it through the WASCE admin console, which is a very long process to be done when I do any small change to my models and builders.
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    Re: datasource publishing problem

    When Portlet Factory generates a .war file from your project, it will regenerate geronimo-web.xml from the template version of this file. The template is located in WebContent/WEB-INF/bin/deployment of your project. In older versions of Portlet Factory, it was required to modify the template. However, in newer versions of Portlet Factory, we have added an extension fragment framework.

    Assuming you're using a newer version of Portlet Factory with the extension fragment support, take a look at the Readme.txt file under WebContent/WEB-INF/bin/deployment/extensions/geronimo.web. The Readme.txt file there should provide instructions on how to add an extension fragment to your project. Essentially, you just place the additional markup required for your geronimo-web.xml file in an .xml file under WebContent/WEB-INF/bin/deployment/extensions/geronimo.web. Portlet Factory's .war export & publish process will take care of merging your extensions into the generated geronimo-web.xml file.
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    Re: datasource publishing problem

    Dear, Thanks alot for your reply. it really helped.