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Pinned topic Bypass Workplace XT login screen using user token

‏2011-03-24T17:59:34Z |
We have CE 4.5.1 , Workplace XT deployed on Websphere Application Server 7.0 on linux.
I have a custom web application which creates url containing user token to open a document.
User token is generated using java api as follows:

Session oSession = com.filenet.wcm.api.ObjectFactory.getSession("AppID", null, strUserId, strPassword);
oSession.setConfiguration(new FileInputStream (""));
String strUserToken = oSession.getToken();

Url is generated in following format:


I think we can avoid login screen as user token is passed in url. But even though user token is pased I am still getting login screen. I checked file for acceptTokens/generateTokens properties and both of them are true.
But when I view bootstrap properties using workplace XT, property Generate user tokens is 'Yes' but property Accept user tokens is 'No'. I tried to change it to 'Yes' but it again reverts back to 'No'.
I don't see any error message in logs.

Can someone tell how to resolve this issue?

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