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Pinned topic WebSphere Application Server V7 compatibility with AME

‏2011-03-21T19:22:44Z |
I am researching on the compatibility of AME with WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V7 and how effectively WAS can take advantage of AME on AIX 6.1 Power7 series. Can someone provide me the info if WAS7 is compatible with AME and whether it can take advantage of AME.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward for response.

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    Re: WebSphere Application Server V7 compatibility with AME


    I have used AME successfully with WAS7 on POWER 7 and POWER 7+. The application running on top of WAS was memory consuming and AME provided large gains.

    So far, the biggest piece of software I have seen that doesn't support running with AME is Oracle. This also applies to SAP Oracle instances. However, SAP's in memory database supports AME as well.

    AME can be used in many places. Make sure you use amepat with normal workload for your planning though. Activating AME without any potential gains is useless. Also, note POWER 7+ (MMD) has better support for AME through hardware acceleration (ie CPU usage required for compression/decompression of memory pages).


    - jmony