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‏2011-03-18T20:35:04Z |
Hi Everyone,

Is there any way iice_common_viewer can be customised so we can just pass Content ID
an not other parameters.

We have a webservice which will bring Content ID as a response and we expect
not to pass userID and Password again to the viewer just the content_ID.

we want to have similar feature as using http_access webapplication gives us the
complete URL of the document.

In this case we are not passing the user credentials again.
Example of httpaccess application

System is SSO enabled.

Your help is appreciated.

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    Re: iice_common_viewer :

    Unfortunately the out-of-the-box common viewer cannot be customized to make this work. The common viewer does a logon prior to retrieving the native content and thereby sets up an HTTP session. Keep in mind that even HTTP access requires a login at the Repository level when you log onto the Repository via the client API prior to calling getNativeContentURL.

    In theory, you could write your own front-end applet to the common viewer and handle logon. The viewer that comes with ICI sets the HTTP session in the logon(...) method of com.venetica.vbr.viewer.client.CommonViewer. This session is then used by the CommonViewer instance for subsequent calls to the GetNativeContent servlet, which happen in the CommonViewer.displayImage(...) method.

    So you would need to call CommonViewer.logon(...) and then you can call CommonViewer.displayImage(...) as many times as you want before calling CommonViewer.logoff().

    You can see the CommonViewer javadocs in the Integrate API javadocs in ICI_HOME/docs/integrate/api.