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‏2011-03-16T16:10:46Z |
Hello everybody

I'am a french student and i'am doing an internship in a company (an IBM partner: THALES ). One of the tasks i have to do is to customize IBM change (telelogic) according to the company needs. The customization concern 2 main point:

-The mailing
-Importation and exportation of documents

So i have 2 questions:

* Does everyone knows how to customize (with javascript and bsf) "Telelogic change" in order to send an email notification to the concerned actors (responsible, manager ...) when a particular event is happening (changement, transition, state)?
* Does everyone knows how to implemente the exportation and the importation of documents?
Thanks for your responses...
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    Re: Mail notification for Rational Change

    I would suggest you do not use BSF or JScript for e-mails. I can explain how to do e-mail notifications using transition triggers and it will be far easier.