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Pinned topic Testing Business Object Maps in WID7

‏2011-03-15T20:13:40Z |
We are currently looking for a way to test Business Object Maps (BOMaps) in Websphere Integration Developer 7 without deploying to the Process Server container.

As I understand it, in Process Server 7, the Java code that backs BOMaps is generated a deploy time instead of compile time. In previous versions of WPS, the code was generated at compile time so it could be tested.

Is anyone aware of a method to generate these classes programmatically or through a script that will allow us to test them more easily?

It is quite painful to have to redeploy an entire module to a server to test one small mapping change during development.

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    Re: Testing Business Object Maps in WID7

    These classes are now generated in the runtime and are not part of WID anymore so it would not be recommended to invest in building test cases which use internal APIs to test BO Maps out side the runtime. Also even if you did you would have to ensure that only the basic of features were used. If you use relationships or BO/BG then it would not work since those require the application to be deployed and running in the runtime.

    Dave Spriet, BPM Architect, BPM SWAT