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Good day,

I am new to the Optim products and have a general question. We have a fat client application that runs on a workstation with DB2 client installed that talks to a DB2 ESE server(Custom App -> DB2 client -> DB2 server). Would Optim Performance Manager be able to monitor the end to end response time providing the time spent on the application/db2 client/network/db2 server? I have looked at the Tivoli products and was told the Tivoli transaction monitoring cannot monitor this scenario.

Thank you

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    Re: General Optim question

    if your fat client uses JCC Type 2, JCC Typ4 or CLI driver to connect to the database then end-to-end monitoring would be possible in general with OPM
    However, the drivers must be at a certain level:
    JCC T2: JCC 9.7.2/9.5.7 (3.59/4.9) or above
    JCC T4: JCC 9.7.1/9.5.6 (3.58/4.8) or above
    CLI: CLI 9.7.2

    Ute Baumbach