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Pinned topic AME and PS701 Power7 Blade Support ?

‏2011-03-11T18:52:47Z |
Is Active Memory Expansion supported on IBM Power7 Blades, i.e. PS701 ? If it is, what are the AIX , Blade Firmware levels required to support it ?
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    Re: AME and PS701 Power7 Blade Support ?

    It it doesnt fail on me, all p7 firmware supports AME; AIX must be 6.1 TL3 if I recall correctly.
    Mandatory is that the blade must be managed by an SDMC console.
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    Re: AME and PS701 Power7 Blade Support ?

    It is supported but it was not available for purchase until after the SDMC general availabilty. It's this FC for 701/702:

    4796 Active Memory Expansion Enablement

    Any level after April should support it, but, I'm not sure what the minimum level is. Due to SDMC recommendations we are running the latest:

    Image Name: ibm_fw_bios_aa730.039.035.img
    Version Number: 01AA730_039_035
    Version Date: 07/18/2011

    John T. Mills