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Pinned topic Business Space - anyone?

‏2011-03-11T13:34:32Z |
Business Space works fine with WSRR 7.0.3 when security is disabled. Has anyone got it work smoothly with security turned on?

I am accessing it via the URL - https://localhost:9443/BusinessSpace

The search and display aspects of widgets are working as expected but the edit capabilities encountered a glitch.

Has anyone went down this path?

Just curious to find out if anyone else is planning to deploy Business Space for enterprise wide use.
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    Re: Business Space - anyone?


    We use secured Business Space instances during WSRR development and I do not recall seeing this issue with v7.0.0.3 before. Are you able to access any of the edit capabilities of the widgets that are provided with Business Space, .e.g., the Web Site widget? If you can access the edit panels for the non-WSRR widgets then this could be a defect against WSRR. If you are unable to access the edit panels for any of the widgets in your secure Business Space instance then this is probably a defect against Business Space itself.

    Martin Smithson.