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My team currently work on an UML2 model on Papyrus.
For a technical raison, I must use RMS for do my job part.
So, since some day, I try to import my model into RSM.
I have found a tutoriel here :

But, in my version of RMS (7.5.4) I have'nt modelization part when I do Import.
So I have try "UML2.1 Model" in "Other" part.
I take my model ("Mymodel.uml") and do Finish.
It's create a .emx file but if I open it with RMS tools it's say "Unsupported editor input".

At the end, I must generate a new UML model an .emx file or .uml file by a plugin. For the moment, my dev version do a .uml file because I don't know how make a .emx file.

If someone can provide me some information on this. It's will be usefull for me.

Patrick Kolodziejczyk.
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    Re: Import UML2 models into RSM

    I think this question is for Rational Software Modeler and would be more appropriate for that forum:

    Rational Modeler is a free UML product that was acquired by IBM through the Telelogic acquisition which caused some overlap in product names.