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Pinned topic where can I find IBM IMS JDBC jar file

‏2011-03-11T05:59:55Z |
Hello, I am a newbie here for the help from the IBM Community.
We've currently encountered a situation that our company's mainframe DB is IBM's IMS DB. And we wanna use Lisa (A testing tool) to do some Data Validation by accessing the DB, however it seems have some barriers. So I start to do some research on the internet by google. It comes up with lots of info but I still can't find the place to download the JDBC driver or related jars.

And I also send a couple of emails to the IBM engineers to ask them for the help but got no response so far, maybe I need to wait at least 3 - 5 working days. There is a good article online called
"Simplifying IMS application development using Java", and in the article it refers the following jars:
IMS Universal drivers libraries
o imsudb.jar
o imsutm.jar
• Sample Java project

But they don't tell me where to download this? maybe it's an internal jdbc driver and need to buy it and not free.

So it would be very helpful if any of you guys ever touched this before and has some knowledge on this. Anything would be much appreciated.

I provide some links below:
Btw, I am not sure whether it's the correct place to put this thread since I can't find any category related to the IBM IMS product and I thought it was JAVA related JDBC and DB stuff, so eventually I decide to put the thread here.

Thanks again indeed.
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    Re: where can I find IBM IMS JDBC jar file


    Please any one answer this question..i too face the same problem