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‏2011-03-10T15:39:16Z |
Hi - were using ikeyman keystores within IHS to store our SSL certificates but does any know how to extract both the certificate and private key from the keystore? I can export the certificate but there is no export private key option. And having a quick google for this seems to suggest it isn't possible for security reasons.

Thanks - Julian.
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    Re: extract private key from ikeyman

    You can't export the key by itself to a file like in the openssl world.

    I'd suggest file/save-as PKCS12 (or export to PKCS12) then "openssl pkcs12 -in ... -pass ... -nocerts -out privkey.pem". The pass protecting the key is the same one that protected the entire KDB. You can add -nodes to output the private key without any encryption wrapped around it.
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    Re: extract private key from ikeyman

    Thanks Eric - that did the trick and got them both out of the ikeyman keystore.