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‏2011-03-10T09:43:43Z |
I have optim performance manager 4.1 installed
I see there is fp1 available
I see there is an extended edition
The question is : can we upgrade the OPM 4.1 to OPM EE without uninstall/re-install/config... ?
or do we have to start from new installation of OPM EE ?
thanks for all reply
best regards, Guy
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    Re: optim performance manager ee

    Hi Guy,
    yes, you can upgrade to OPM EE without reinstall.
    For version the difference between OPM and OPM EE is the additonal Extended Insight feature, which allows you to do end-to-end monitoring based on transaction response times. Extended Insight consists of separate install images, an 1) activation kit and a 2) client part. You need to install 1) on the OPM machine on top of OPM to activate this features and 2) on the machine that runs the application that connects and executes workload on the monitored database in order to measure the end-to-end response times.

    If you download FP 1 and install it on top of OPM then you upgrade your OPM to
    If you use OPM EE then you can upgrade your OPM to by installing OPM on top or OPM 4.1. This is a simple upgrade install ( same as applying the FP 1 ). Optionally you can use the Extended Insight feature additionally to do the end-to-end monitoring.

    Hope this help.

    Best regards
    Ute Baumbach