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Pinned topic Theme files in Portal Clustering

‏2011-03-09T22:23:45Z |

In the PageBuilder theme, in order to make some changes, we are having to make modifications to some files under

Now, while clustering the Portal server, since, these files are under PortalServerRoot and not wp_profile, they are not being synchronized across the nodes. Is there a way to make it work in a cluster?

I know that these files are pointed to by using the dynamic content spot mapping in the Integrated Solutions Console. Should we move these file out of there and perform a different kind of mapping? Or is there a way to synchronize this folder as part of the clustering?

Any pointers appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
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  • DavidNixon
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    Re: Theme files in Portal Clustering

    ‏2011-03-10T20:08:44Z  in response to vinothkp
    The PageBuilder2 app (as well as many other Portal apps) are "system applications" and are not synchronized across nodes. The idea here is to make them easier to service since we generally do not expect the them to be changed except by Portal fixpacks.

    Short term you can manually copy your changes to other nodes.

    Longer term you probably want to implement your own dynamic spot and deploy them in your own ear.
    • vinothkp
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      Re: Theme files in Portal Clustering

      ‏2011-03-10T21:32:46Z  in response to DavidNixon
      Looking for a longer term solution.....

      Is there a PageBuilder.war base source that we can import to develop our own custom theme and deploy it to the Portal Server, which we can reference to, in order to make changes without modifying the original PageBuilder application files in the PortalServerRoot folder.

      Thanks in advance.