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‏2011-03-09T17:40:59Z |
I have configured the ICI environment to federate content from NTFS drive to Content Engine 4.5.1. Everything is running fine but exporter doesn't fetch any document to federate. "It says the item class is either null or blank. The query will not return any document to federate". Then I have configured one item class under NTFS Connector and selected the same under federation rule in FedAdmin application. But even though the document under NTFS drive is not federating.
I have one doubt here that is how the document under NTFS drive is mapped to itemclass. For an e.g. I create one txt file under NTFS drive (<ICI installation drive>/bridges/ntfilesystem/content) but don't know how to make it map to itemclass. Any thoughts on this.

I would really appreciate if you can point me to some help on building itemclasses. I could only locate one help under IBM infocenter. Any pointers in this regard are really appreciated.
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    I think we have covered all your questions in our meeting and via emails, but let us know if you still have questions. Thanks!