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Pinned topic Viewer options when using Content integrator SOA services

‏2011-03-09T10:44:06Z |
I was wondering what options one has to view CM8 content that was returned from the Content integrator (ICI) SOA services. While we used IICE's Web services (now deprecated) we used get a URL from the XML that pointed straight to the Resource Manager (ICMResourceManager), this included the token needed to retrieve the documents straight into the browser. Now with ICI, we could no longer use this method (or can we) as we can not create the needed token and URL to ICMResourceManager. So we looked at the alternatives:
1) HTTPACCESS.WAR – This should work 100% but the GetNativeContentURL is imbedded in the JAVA API (at least as far as I can see), but it has been deprecated according to documentation. We have a .Net app.
2) URLADDR.WAR – This works very well, but required SSO to be setup so that the link does not prompt for a username and password, is it possible to pass in a user token?
3) Embedded Viewer (COMMON_VIEWER.EAR) – The one currently being used that is causing the problem as described in the email from Gean (See Attached).
4) Temporary Caching of files onto another server – this is not an option as we cannot afford to retrieve files in byte array form, save them to the web server and then only redirect the user to the document/content for obvious reasons.
5) VBR applet viewer - deprecated.

We opted for option 3) but this forces us to use a java applet to view PDF documents (we would prefer acrobat as for pdf's), also this viewer is giving us some other issues currently logged in a PMR. As a plan B and possibly plan C, is there any way to stream documents for viewing that anyone can think of? Even having a deprecated viewer in the interim can get us to not miss the deadlines...

Gean Boegman
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    Re: Viewer options when using Content integrator SOA services

    hi Gean,
    With ICI 851+, the recommended way to retrieve native content is using our streaming functionality through the Repository.getNativeContentStream and Repository.getNativeContentOfPageAsStream methods. It is left to the client application to handle the bytes read from the stream as needed.

    Having said that, it seems that this does not fit very well with your use case. In which case, I would recommend either httpaccess or WSAPI. There is a WSAPI operation - getNativeContentURL which seems to be what you were using with IICE 8.4. While it no longer returns a URL that points to the ICMResourceManager (this is for consistency within our product - all communication should generally go through ICI), it returns a URL via httpaccess which caches the native content on the RMI Bridge server (or an alternative location if specified).

    Though both httpaccess and WSAPI are deprecated, there are currently no plans to remove these, and they are both existent in ICI 8.6.

    Hope this helps.