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Pinned topic Common viewer fails on second load (in same browser session)

‏2011-03-07T15:14:09Z |
We've encountered an issue where one can open a document in the common viewer, but upon opening another document soon after closing the first (before the browser closes JAVA) the applet logs off- but never logs on again. This results in a "COEV0053E: Servlet could not find cached user object." error.

It does this till I allow for the Java VM to close.

With an HTTP proxy, I can see the applet login on the first time, then doing a call to GetNativeContent, then on closing the page, it does a Logoff. Uppon opening the next document, it does a GetNativeContent - i.e. no logon. Adding <param name="debug" value="true" /> I can see it does a logon servlet call, but this never goes past the Java cache! I've found the logon request in the cache folder (I know, I've tried everytihg) and uppon deleting it does the logon again...

Also I've noticed in the applet code (decompiled) that upon CommonViewer.logoff() it does the call to the Logoff Servlet, but on success it does not clear the _sessionCookie variable. I don't think this is a problem as theoretically it will be destroyed by the CG upon applet terminate, but I'm not sure if this terminate happens... as the browser does not kill the VM immediately.

I'm a bit out of ideas. Does anyone know why Java would be caching the Logon servlet response?