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Pinned topic APT_BadAlloc: Heap allocation failed.

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i have a stage in Datastage in which i am creating a JVM and using some java methods.
When i have less number of records the osh script ran perfectly. But the no.of records are increased i am getting Operator terminated abnormally: Terminating with exception:APT_BadAlloc: Heap allocation failed.

so i increased the heapsize of the JVM at the time of creation, but the error persists. Could any one help me out.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: APT_BadAlloc: Heap allocation failed.


    Does help?
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    Re: APT_BadAlloc: Heap allocation failed.

    Hi thank you for reply. Actually in that stage implementation when processing the records, i used named pipe for records transfer, then it is working fine irrespective of no.of records. Now i have changed that implementation in such a way that the records are passed as a java objects using JNI concept(in the code i created a JVM and given min heap and max heap size ) now its stuck with the BadAlloc error. Main cause of error is i changed the implementation. I want my implementation to be worked with out any errors. And one more thing is i am new to Data Stage. So suggest some tips to get rid of this.