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Pinned topic wh command linux stdout

‏2011-03-03T21:58:22Z |
a question to the experts here.

Our environment:
ISW 9.7.2 on RHEL 5.6 and schedule our ETL/controlFlows with OPC (zOS) via ssh an wh-command. Works fine but we think of a simpler handling of the job handshake between OPC and ISW wh-command.
Up to now we use sh scripts to get the status of the current controlFlow and filter the result ouput of wh command in order to return 0 (success) or 8 (error) to the OPC job.

One issue is that some controlFlows are executed more than once during the ETL (set current population info for instance).
Another one is that our OPC restarts every day at 2:30am an the job
status from main executing OPC job losts the status of the current executing controlFlowInstance.
Is there an easy way to get the execution status of the last instance of the named controlFlow ?
I know you can set the instance name via wh-command but this doesn't solve our problem.

current status selction:
instanz=`./wh getControlFlow -app $1 -controlFlow $2 | grep -i "hrungsinstanz" | awk -F ":" '{print $2}'`
./wh getControlFlowInstanceStatus -app $1 -controlFlow $2 -instance $instanz | grep -i status
Any idea? Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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  • JP_Parkin
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    Re: wh command linux stdout

    ‏2011-03-08T02:45:01Z  in response to agruber
    I would say that is likely the best solution for solving that problem - even if we were to implement a new command to retrieve the status for the last executed control flow it would likely do the same thing you have done internally.

    Best regards,