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‏2011-03-01T16:57:36Z |
I really don't know can I really ask you this question,
I am working on Tomcat, the problem I am facing right now is:
I have created a web project using IDE eclipse and using java servelt on it , and its working well on windows.I am using tomcat 5.5.32, java 1.6 and eclipse galieo
Now I need to get this code up and running on Unix ,I am really confuse here. I have imported the complete project from eclipse to UNIX and created a classpath to the project and what will be URL I will be using in order to access that page.

Thanks in advance,
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    Re: urgent help required

    Not sure why you wouldn't set it up the same way. for example, if your old URL was http://windows-system/mypage.html, why would you not set up the new one to be something like http://linux-system/mypage.html?

    You'd probably get more tomcat-specific advice on the Server-side Java programming forum.

    Ian Shields
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    Re: urgent help required

    what i am trying to do is my current link is http://localhost:8080/shh/myfirstpage(which is a java file)
    now i have imported this project on UNIX , the project is no under tomcat installation directory, so have given CLASS PATH ...(something...)\shh to tomcat, so now tomcat has path.
    so now when i am accessing i am not getting the output.
    the structure of the directory is the same deployment environment which u get , when you run your project on eclipse.
    Can you please suggest me a solution.