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Pinned topic Migration of Derby to IBM DB2

‏2011-02-28T13:17:03Z |
Hi All,

I installed IBM DB2 Client and IBM Websphere Portal on the same machine. I tried to create sample DB2 database by running CreateDataBase.bat, But the database is not created. I tried to migrate derby database to IBM DB2 using ConfigWizard. After giving all entries like DB2 host name,Portno:50000 and DB2JCC.Jar, DB2CC_licence_**.jar file available path in configWizard, Its throwing a error in Configwizard.log "Cannot open the database on specified port 50000, *.jar is not supportable jar"(Not exactly the same line but the meaning of that error is like this)..

1. Let me know I have to install DB2Client or DB2Enterprise Edition ?

2. How to create sample database ?
3. Is there any way to migrate it ?

Plz guide me.....Thanks in advance ......