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‏2011-02-28T07:44:27Z |

I am trying to code my first webservice in websphere and I am having a little trouble with it. I was wondering if someone here could help me out with it..

These are the steps I have done so far...

1. Created a project called prototype
2. Added a WSDL to the project with the soap:address set to "http://localhost:8881/prototype"
3. Start the websphere app server
4. Right click on the WSDL and generated java bean skeleton with the EAR name for the project set to prototypeEAR. This step deploys the ear to the app server
5. Use SOAP Ui to generate a sample request from the WSDL.
6. Enter the input string value in the SOAP request.
7. Enter the end point as "http://localhost:8881/prototype"
8. click on run button
On clicking the run button, I get the following exception

ADMC0005E: A SOAP URI violation occurred. The correct URI is uri:AdminService.

I tried to make sense of the error in the documentation but couldnt...
basically this is what the documentation for the error says:

Explanation The SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) connector defines its own URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) for SOAP calls, uri:AdminService. This error occurs only when the SOAP call is not made through the SOAP administrative client provided by IBM.
Action Connect through the AdminClient, the only supported mechanism for connecting to the AdminService from a separate process.
If anyone has any pointers on the solution to this issue it would be really helpful.

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    Re: Webspehere webservices issue

    It's not clear what you're using (RAD/RSA?) to generate that, but it doesn't sound like WebSphere Portlet Factory.
    This forum is for users of WebSphere Portlet Factory to discuss building portlets with WPF that consume web services with WPF's own web service support, which is different than what you're describing here.

    You may have better luck finding answers for that WebSphere Admin specific web service question on the WebSphere Application Server forum.