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Hello, Im new to the forum and have

I'm trying to setup a Power4 7028-6E4 (630) that was donated to my school. It seems that there is a lack of support for the system, now that it is quite aged. My objective is to upgrade the firmware from the RR02~ version it has now. The only way I can figure to do that (no floppy drive or HMC available) is to use the existing suse (kernel 2.6.5) installation. I have the latest firmware R08~, but I require a few rpm packages to be installed, in order to update the F/W. I am unable to download the proper IBM installation toolkit, as the only one I can find on the site is V4.2, which supports Power5 and up. Does anyone have a link to a proper ISO, or the support tools?
(Platform Enablement library - librtas-32bit)
(Service Aids)
(Hardware Inventory)

Thank you
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    Re: Power4 revival

    As long as your kernel is recent enough (I believe any release past SLES8 SP3, inclusive, should be fine), you can just run the update_flash command. That command is actually just a script that interacts with procfs interfaces provided by the kernel, so it doesn't have any glibc requirements or anything like that. If update_flash doesn't exist on your system, or on the distro media, you should just be able to grab a copy of the script from a powerpc-utils or ppc64-utils tarball; the version doesn't matter too much, as update_flash hasn't changed in many years. The powerpc-utils tarball here should work fine:

    I wrote a brief summary of the firmware update process with Linux on Power several years ago:

    Hope that helps!