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Pinned topic Why do I get SQLCODE -804?

‏2011-02-24T19:06:37Z |
A customer is using Optim Version 5.5.3 und DB2 V9.1
If he tries to browse SYSIBM.SYSTABLESPACESTATS he gets an
SQLCODE-804 Reason 16.
We tried the same with a lot of other tables - each of them works.
The Optim directory has been successfully updated and therefore it supports long tablespace names.
Any idea?
TIA and best regards,

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    Re: Why do I get SQLCODE -804?

    Hi Blitz60,
    the sqlcode of -804 is caused by an xml or a blob column in the table within this tablespace.
    Older Optim versions do not support xml. IBM offers some custom fixes that handle this problem. But it would be much better to upgrade to a new optim release. Currently I do some tests with Optim 7.1 and it works quite fine.