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‏2011-02-23T14:23:19Z |

I would like to take some suggestions from this forum on the migration of a DB from Oracle system to IDS.

I found MTK quite effective here, but i assume it is recommended for equivlent migrations i.e. object to object transfer, with the same schema strucuture. Is my assumpiton correct? Does it supports inequivalent migrations, like moving data from one table to a different table using some transformation rules? Does it have provisions for this?

Is there any other solutions for this?

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    Re: Migrate DB from oracle to IDS

    Sorry, I don’t have any Oracle knowledge but here is some migration to Oracle specific links / resources :

    1- Informix Migration links to resources

    2- Redbook
    If you don’t find the answers you are seeking, try posting it on the other Informix Forum.