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Pinned topic Ilog map: point movement over the map

‏2011-02-23T08:12:08Z |

We are using ILog7.5 in our application. I am facing difficulties while using its API.

Our requirement it to put a point(could be a filled rectangle box) on map at some particular position by default when the page is loaded. Considering that Map consists of one rectangle. So on page load map should have one point located on bottom left corner of the rectangle. Now on same page, there are two spin box which represents x and y axis. What I want If I start changing value in X and Y that point should also move on map accordingly. Assumption is bottom left corner of rectangle is (0,0) of X,Y axis. If I give X is 2 and Y as 3 the point should move accordingly on map.

Can you give me example to handle this scenario, which API I should implement?

I would be very great if you give me some piece of code.

Swati Sharda