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Pinned topic WMQ FTE client support of standalone MQ Explorer (MS0T)?

‏2011-02-21T14:52:00Z |
Most of the documentation I've read say that there is no functional difference between the client agent and the server agent, but that the server agent is faster (binding mode).

However, I tried to install the client agent on a machine with the MS0T support pack MQ Explorer, and it did not seem to recognize it. The Manage File Transfer item did not get added to the Navigation panel.

Is this normal? Does it only work with the WMQ Server delivered MQ Explorer?
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    Re: WMQ FTE client support of standalone MQ Explorer (MS0T)?

    Neither the Server or Client will do anything with MS0T (or MQ Explorer).

    To install the FTE Plugin to MQ Explorer you need to install the "Remote tools and Documentation" CD. That should work with either the 'full' MQ Explorer or MS0T