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Pinned topic Publish documents from Quickr Domino into CM8 via agent/placebot

‏2011-02-17T09:40:48Z |
Hi There!

Really new on ECM but my company is a design partner for Quickr Domino.
Investigating the possibilities for publishing documents from a Quickr 8.5.1 folder into the Content Manager8x repository
via a scheduled placebot - meaning as the server.

If anyone could let me know:
1. Can it be done/have you done it?
2. What are the skill sets that we need
3. Links to white papers, documentation anything that we can use to verify

Appreciate any info

Opus Neo
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    Re: Publish documents from Quickr Domino into CM8 via agent/placebot

    Hey Jan - the Java APi set is robust (not as well documented as Domino) but there is a redbook that defines the structure that seems well written at . Filenet's java api is more robust then it's .net simply because of the native Java classes, especially those that monitor events. .net is good for front end transport. The FileNet webservices is more defined then .net. Business Process Manager uses webservices.

    Look forward to seeing your QuickR / ECM work.