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Pinned topic HACMP resource order within single group

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HACMP 5.3 on AIX 5.3

I’m new to HACMP. My task is to plug in application (oracle RAC) into HACMP environment.
According to documentation what I need, is to create Application Resource within a group where other dependant resources resides, like concurrent LVM group.

My application depends on shared storage, so I have to start it only after latter successful initialization. How I can achieve that?

There is info about priorities between groups, but no info I can found about resources order within single group.

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    Re: HACMP resource order within single group

    Most environments only need a single resource group. Also most rgs consist of Service IP, application server, and shared/data volume groups.

    The default processing order of the resources within a resource group (in summary of those resources listed above) are:

    Add Service IP
    varyon volume group (fsck filesytems, mount filesystems)
    start application

    This is usually suitable for most environments. In those environments that are also using NFS as a resource, then it is common to set the rg option to mount fs before IP. That reverses the order processed of for the first couple resources. The application is always started last.
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    Re: HACMP resource order within single group

    Hi bodily,

    Thank you for the answer. It is very helpfull.
    This is exactly what I wanted to know.