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Pinned topic Edition rollout for apps with EJB.

‏2011-02-14T05:08:52Z |
I would appreciate if someone would clear up the following for me: suppose I have full-fledged J2EE app: web module and EJB module(s). As far as I can tell from my own experience and based on the Table in application edition manager that sort of application is not supported uninterrupted-rollout-wise. Is this correct?

Is there a workaround possible? Say I deploy web module and EJB client in one EAR and EJB in another EAR. Suppose I want to rollout new edition of web module EAR, will it work? Or according to the Table above it will not work as it falls under category " The ODR does not support communication with IIOP. Any EJB, JMS, or IIOP components called directly by an external client cannot utilize this feature."

Any help and pointers will be appreciated.