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Pinned topic How to call a data service operation in ljo .??

‏2011-02-12T10:09:49Z |
I have a service operation which makes a webservice call and get the data .i want to call this service operation in my ljo ..??
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    Re: How to call a data service operation in ljo .??

    You call WPF WebApp actions and methods from an LJO just as you would from a Method builder.
    Make the first argument to your LJO methods be "WebAppAccess webAppAccess" and then you can execute webAppAccess.callMethod(...) from your LJO methods.

    If you don't know how to call your service op from a Method builder either, then try creating a one line Action List builder that calls your service operation, and then in the builder call list (outline view) right click and select convert to convert your action list to a method. You can then look at the code for that Method builder to figure out the equivalent call to put in your LJO method.

    I hope that helps,