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Pinned topic How to send Pass/Fail Results to TestManager from Eclipse Java Script

‏2011-02-10T15:58:21Z |

I'm working on a project where I need to be able to send Pass/Fail results to TestManager from a Java Eclipse Project. I've looked through the documentation but I'm can't find a clear information on how to setup my logging object. Essential what I want to be able to do is the following:

Login to TestManager with my Username/Password/Project.
Check to see if TestManager is currently running a Test Script
If a script is running, send pass Pass/Fail results/message to the logs for the script that is currently being run.

I have already import the both TestManager jars into my eclipse project and am currently try to use com.rational.test.tss.TestScript on my logging class, but I can't find functions related to sending TestManager a specific login information or if a script is running.

Any information about how to do that in Java would be extremely helpful.