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Pinned topic SAP Max Connection size

‏2011-02-10T08:22:06Z |

I am currently working on a performance tuning task for portlet factory applications that has integration with SAP. From the IBM documentation, it looks like there is a property entry that we could set, which the value is defaulted to 5.

(Question 1) May i know if there is a limit to this value? and what is it?
(Question 2) Is there any side effect for increasing this value?

I also found in the article below where we can set to 100 to 160

(Question 3) I have not seen in any other places that mentioned on the property entry Is this entry valid?

Also from the link below, sounds like someone had actually hit the "SAP Error: max no of 100 conversations exceeded" error for setting the to 100

(Question 4) Why is it that the error can happen? Does the user actually hit the SAP server allowable limit? or the error thrown by Portlet Factory builder?

Hope someone can help to answer my questions above. Thanks in advanced.