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Pinned topic RDZ and software AG plugin

‏2011-02-08T11:10:13Z |
we are having problem integrate NaturalOne plugin by Softwarew AG into RDZ 8

we had no problems doing it for 7.6 or for pure ecipse 3.6.1
but when trying to install the Softwarew AG plugins into RDZ via 'Software updates'
we are getting errors such as

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: Software AG Common Components and Branding (
Missing requirement: Uddiv3client Plug-in (com.softwareag.common.uddiv3client requires 'bundle 1.0.1' but it could not be found
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: Software AG Common Components and Branding (
To: com.softwareag.common.uddiv3client
we are considering using the 'install RDZ onto an exiting eclipse/sdk' option
but we are not happy with that option. we want a single ide maintained by IBM.
any ideas?
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  • mazogi
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    Re: RDZ and software AG plugin

    It sounds like Eclipse level problem. RDz 8.0.1 is based on Eclipse 3.6. It is likely that plugins from Software AG you are trying to install are expecting a different version of Eclipse. The STaX bundles (in which is packaged) are now part of J2SE 1.6 rather than Eclipse.

  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: RDZ and software AG plugin

    In our shop we avoid using the software update machanisms of Eclipse. We use the Eclipse p2 dropin mechanism described at

    The layout of the dropin folder is important because otherwise the Eclipse platform does not recognise the newly installed features and products. Another caveat is to have the features in an unzipped format. The JAR files produce warnings in some circumstances.

    If used properly you can copy your files into the dropin folder and start RDz. The newly copied files will be recognised be the platform. Usually it is not necessary to call eclipse -clean but since you tried the usual install already it might be necessary to start the product once with the -clean parameter.

    This seems to be the most robust way to install other software into RDz. I have the gut feeling that IBM Installation Manager does not produce something like a "native Eclipse install". Wouldn't it be nice if we could simply unzip RDz into a folder and run it like any other Eclipse installation?

  • toneclaudio
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    Re: RDZ and software AG plugin


    Hi David, 

    I managed to install the plug in under Eclipse 8.2.6 NaturalONE the RDz. I got the same error than you. however, desmarquei the option "Group Items by Categorys" and it worked.
    after installation, when I open the prospect of NaturalONE it asks me the License key. give the path and it returns me "Error - Invalid Product".

    have you ever experienced this error??