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Pinned topic WebSphere Adapter for JDBC: Retrieving the values using the OrderBy Clause

‏2011-02-03T23:15:19Z |
The WebSphere Adapter for JDBC can retrieve the data in either the Ascending/Descending Order by specifying the application-specific information 'OrderBy' and setting this ASI value to either ASC/DESC .

Steps for configure this ASI:
1) Select the attribute used for Ordering the data and navigate to the attributes 'Properties'
2) In the Properties window, navigate to the Application Info Tab and Select Add to open the 'Extension Window'
3) Select 'JDBC ASI and then 'JDBCAttributtypeMetadata' and Click 'OK'
4) Once done, right click then select 'OrderBy' and specify either ASC/DESC value for this attribute.
The above steps would result in the following ASI text being added to the attribute used for ordering the corresponding Business Object . <jdbcasi:OrderBy>ASC</jdbcasi:OrderBy>