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‏2011-02-01T13:28:07Z |
As a new user to Optim Database Administrator I have tried to compare a schema in a test and a production database. But it really isn't obvius in the product where the differences are between the two schemas and tt seems like the comparison find differences where aren't any!

When generating the change management script I get lots af wrong DDL like this:


I have attached the entire generated scipt.

I'm using Release and the software is up-to-date updated.

Can anyone help?
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    Re: Compare schema in 2 databases

    The compare editor might show a lot of objects as having differences due to changes in certain properties like
    names of primar keys, unique constaints etc. causing you to see more objects that what you are expecting.

    Regarding the Create Index statement generated, it looks like you have not added the column for the index after adding the object to the Change Management script editor. It could be somethig else but it would be nice to verify this on a smaller set of objects.